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​ Can we be done with the Post PC talk?

When Steve Jobs announced the iPad, he meant for it to replace the PC in the long run, saying it was the beginning of the Post-PC era. A lot of the die-hard fans of the iPad believed that they were holding the future of computing.

To be productive at work in a corporate office, people aren’t dabbling on their iPads. They are getting reports, creating spreadsheets, writing documents. You can’t comfortably do that on an iPad.

I think Apple is backing away from this notion now. Tim Cook said in an interview a few weeks ago at All Things D: “Arguably, we make the best PC, …” He put Apple in the “PC” category, and I don’t think Mac’s are remotely done competing against Windows Computers. They are now very competitive against Windows Computers since the poor reception of Windows 8.

Since Haswell was released, power consumption on computers will decrease drastically. To put numbers on it, the 2012 11 inch Macbook Air battery life was 5 hours. Now it’s 9! The battery is a bit bigger, but the improvement is phenomenal. Like the younger brother, the 13 inch jumps from 7 to 12, another great improvement. Because of that, I will agree with Lenovo us being in a PC Plus World, not Post-PC World.

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