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Windows XP End of Life, what does it all mean?

There are plenty of people asking me what End of Life means for Windows XP, such as will it work, will I still get updates, can I still use it? End of Life for Windows XP is on April 8, 2014, and for those who really like this Operating System and want to continue using it, please hear me out.

Windows XP was released in 2001, and ever since Microsoft has released many updates to the operating system to help keep it secure. Windows XP SP2 was the big one because at that time there were a lot of security holes at the time. Updating to Service Pack 2 fixed that. Since then Service Pack 3 came out and, like Service Pack 2, patched some more holes. Microsoft has been doing that for the past 13 years, and this year will be the last year that Microsoft does this.

The term 0-Day in the tech field is referred to a threat on a computer before the Antivirus companies can update their Antivirus Definitions and protect their customers. There are times when a virus comes out, and there is not a solution to the problem yet. If you are on Windows XP, and you get a virus that came out after April 8, there is a very good chance that there isn’t going to be a fix and you will have to nuke and pave your computer (Completely reinstall Windows XP, destroying all the data on the computer).

Regardless of Windows XP EOL coming up in a few short months, Windows XP is not a very secure operating system. If you plug your Windows XP computer directly into your modem at home and leave it alone for a few hours, I wouldn’t be surprised if that machine got infected. I’ve seen it happen to a Windows XP computer at a previous job, and the OS only got less secure since that happened, and will be much less secure after April 8. Again, Windows XP is not a secure Operating System.

Although Microsoft announced today that their antivirus software, Microsoft Security Essentials, will be supported until July 15, I still strongly recommend upgrading your PC. If you need help doing it, call me at 682-710-2569 or email me directly at and I will guide you on what some of your options are and I can get you off of your sinking ship.

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