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Email: contact@zulu-computing.com

Phone: 682-710-2569

Craigslist Special Promotion!

First off, I would like to thank you for clicking on my link on craigslist.com. Since you clicked it I will assume that you have a computer issue that needs to be taken care of. I would like you to know that our staff is A+ and Network + Certified to handle all computer repairs, on site and remotely!

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All work performed has a 30 day warranty.  

Operating System Reinstallation with 1 year of AV: $130 (Normally $150)

If your computer needs a fresh start, we can help you get there.

Service Includes 1 Year of Kaspersky Antivirus!

Virus/Malware Removal with 1 year of AV: $130 (Normally $150)

Have an infection that you can't shake? Give us a call and we can get that fixed for you! 

Service Includes 1 Year of Kaspersky Antivirus!

Computer Tune-up: $85 (Normally $100)

Computer running a little slow and needs to be fixed under the hood? A simple Tune-Up can fix many issues, such as long boot times, slow response to software programs, and updates to keep your computer secure. 

New Computer Setup: $85 (Normally $100)

Got a new computer? Get it set up right! Contact us and we will get your computer protected with all the junk ware out of the way.

Laptop LCD Replacement: $75 + Parts

Laptop Screen break? Don't throw it out yet! We can fix it quickly and painlessly and dispose the broken LCD panel.

Remote Support $80/hour: (Normally $90)

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